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Finding the Perfect Word (Or Not)

You hear a lot of writing advice about how you should be precise in your language.  Use the best possible word for what you’re trying to describe.  Don’t settle for three words when one will do.  Be unique.  Be specific.  … Continue reading

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On Naming Things

(“Things”, huh?  Yeah, I’m a writer who knows how to use words…haha.) So, I just finished final edits on a story that I think is really, really strong.  As strong as the one that keeps getting all those damned personal … Continue reading

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People Worry Me..

While trying to figure out how to handle the fact that my client overpaid me, I happened to glance at Yahoo! and the top article on the page spelled “would” “wood.”  As in “Wood you like…” Seriously?  I mean, yes.  … Continue reading

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More confused words

I just updated the Grammar and Word Usage Round-Up post over on the writing related tab. Newest additions: – affect vs. effect – losses vs. loses vs. looses – retch vs. wretch – horse vs. hoarse – breath vs. breathe … Continue reading

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Writing Style vs. Grammar

When I was in school and learning grammar (which I hated–I swore I’d misuse whom ’til the day I died just to spite certain grammar zealots like my friend’s mom), grammar was presented as some sort of absolute set of … Continue reading

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Using your words

(First, a PSA for anyone like me who doesn’t pay attention to what day it is all the time.  Today is April Fool’s Day in the States, which means you should not trust any big news announcements made today.  A … Continue reading

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First, re: yesterday’s post.  In the interest of fairness, Publishers Weekly now has a response up from Random House.  The argument they’re making is that this is a pure profit-sharing arrangement, so therefore many of the issues Scalzi had with the contracts are irrelevant because it’s … Continue reading

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More commonly confused words

Dr. Doyle had a post that reminded me it was about time for me to update my list of “commonly” confused words.  (Perhaps they’re not all common words, but they are all words I’ve seen misused at least once in … Continue reading

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Grammar and Word Usage Round-Up

This is a consolidation post to get all the grammar/word usage/spelling links I’ve posted into one post and to consolidate my personal list of words I’ve seen misused or misspelled. But I’ll give one bonus link to a new article … Continue reading

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Spelling and Word Usage Revisited

Part of the fun I’ve been having this week is reading through some client documents.  And, while I am not reviewing them for word usage (I kind of wish I were so I could fix these issues), it has once … Continue reading

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