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Finding the Perfect Word (Or Not)

You hear a lot of writing advice about how you should be precise in your language.  Use the best possible word for what you’re trying to describe.  Don’t settle for three words when one will do.  Be unique.  Be specific.  … Continue reading

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I learned a word I misuse yesterday!

So, it turns out I’ve never really thought about it, but I would have (prior to yesterday) misused pour/pore if I were even given the chance.  I always thought of the word “pore” as relating to skin pores.  (As in, “she has small … Continue reading

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Does that word really mean what I think it does?

One of the interesting things I’ve noticed as I’ve started this journey towards becoming a published writer is that I’m much more self-conscious about certain things.  Like word choice. As I mentioned before, I read.  A lot.  And I’ve picked up … Continue reading

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