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Passport stamps are pretty useless…

I had to cross the Canadian border today and I realized that the stamps in my passport are completely misleading. I’ve only had this passport since last summer, but it’s gotten some mileage.  I spent three weeks in that country … Continue reading

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I want to travel!

I know, coming from me that’s a bit rich since I’ve only been “home” for six weeks.  But I want to travel.  And I blame it all on other bloggers. I read a post by Tobias S. Buckell on SFWA’s … Continue reading

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Go forth and travel

Preferably somewhere that is vastly different from your own experience and makes you feel out-of-place and uncomfortable.  First, anyone should do this so you can understand how much you assume about how the world works.  Second, if you’re a writer, … Continue reading

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A fairly useless post

Just what you wanted.  (At least I’m honest about it.) I’ve been tied up doing a garage sale all weekend, so don’t have any particular writing topic I wanted to write about today.  I figured I’d include a few random … Continue reading

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