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The Trouble With Being An Introvert And A Blogger

So, a writer friend who knows about this blog e-mailed me today with suggestions to boost my confidence.  We haven’t exchanged e-mails in a few weeks and my Facebook posts have been pretty puppy-centric the last week, so I assume … Continue reading

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One Year Blogiversary

(Well, almost.  I think it’s actually tomorrow.  But I didn’t know what to write about today and I might not feel like writing tomorrow because I’m moving.  So…)

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Short and sweet

I don’t have much to say today.  I split my novel up and now I have two 40,000 word novels to flesh out again.  Exciting thing is that I think this will make both stories better and I get to … Continue reading

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Post 200!

Wow, that came around FAST!  Last night I was looking back through my old posts trying to figure out which ones I was going to put on a separate page for easy access and it turns out I’ve written A … Continue reading

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What are your strengths?

So, the next post after this one is #200.  Which means I’ve managed to blog somewhere in the range of 200,000 words in the last six months or so. I was thinking about getting all fancy and adding another tab … Continue reading

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There is no such thing as anonymity

I’ve mentioned before that I didn’t tell anyone in my “real life” about this blog.  Partially because I can’t see how anyone in my real life would find what I blog about here of interest.  (I, of course, fascinate every … Continue reading

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Faith in yourself has to come from inside

Caution: I’m a bit of a jaded cynic, so if you still believe the world is always sunshine and puppies, you might want to stop reading now to preserve your positive world view.  (Once you lose that, there’s no going … Continue reading

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Feeding the fire…

In my little hiatus from daily posting on the blog, I started to think about the idea of keeping the momentum going.  Not just as a writer establishing a personal routine.  (I think it IS important for a writer to develop a … Continue reading

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100 Posts

Yesterday was my 100th post.  Amazing how fast that came around! Just think  – if I’d been writing flash fiction pieces every day instead of blog entries I’d have already written 100 pieces.  Or if I’d been plugging away on … Continue reading

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