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50,000 Words A Month Is Very Doable

It’s Nano.  Which means everyone is pushing themselves to write 50,000 words towards a novel this month.  And it seems like a lot when you’re trying to have a life, too.  But, really, it isn’t.  Not if writing is a … Continue reading

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Creating A Story

Bear with me on this one, because I’m going to wander a bit. First, there’s a great new post from Chuck Wendig up: Writing Is A Profane, Irrational, Imperfect Act Here’s a quick quote from the article that I loved: … Continue reading

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I Love Chuck Wendig

There’s been a thread over on AW about writers writing full-time and some of the posts have been very frustrating to me because they basically say that this idea that if you try hard enough to be a writer that … Continue reading

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The Trick of Social Media

I am not that great at social media, personally or professionally.  I have this blog.  I have a personal FB account.  I have a couple other blogs that I neglect to such an extreme that they should just be shut … Continue reading

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Should You Edit?

If you’re reading this blog post, the short answer to this question is: YES. There are authors out there who’ve been doing this writing thing for a very long time that may be able to get away with writing without … Continue reading

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He’s Right, You Have to Finish

Chuck Wendig, as usual, has a fantastic post up at his blog at the moment: Why It’s Important To Finish Your Shit It’s worth the read, if for nothing else than this line: “I mean, c’mon. Prone-position face-pie? Delicious. Amazing. Transformative.” … Continue reading

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The bloom is off the rose

It’s Wednesday night, the pup is asleep at my feet, I’ve had a beer to get over the workday, so I guess it’s time to piss some people off. Not that I will actually piss anyone off.  I’m too small … Continue reading

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Fail but don’t quit

I was just trying to find an article I had bookmarked and saw that one of my bookmarks is called “The Scoop on Our Poop.”  Ah, the joys of dog ownership! I was looking for this blog post by Chuck … Continue reading

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Feed The Soul Or Feed The Body?

Warning, I am about to ramble.  So, if you want a coherent, writing-related post, check this one by Chuck Wendig out: An Email About Writing, And My Response A quick quote: “If this is something you really want to do, … Continue reading

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Chuck Wendig Has Been Good To Me

Anyone who has read this blog for a while will know that I love Chuck Wendig’s posts.  What he has to say about writing resonates with me and the way he says it makes me smile. Well, today he had … Continue reading

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