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Let It Go Or Revise One More Time?

This is a tricky one to deal with. I’ve seen more than one full-time long-term writer who advocates write and forget it.  As in, write one draft, go back and fix up spelling and typos, and move on to the … Continue reading

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Should You Edit?

If you’re reading this blog post, the short answer to this question is: YES. There are authors out there who’ve been doing this writing thing for a very long time that may be able to get away with writing without … Continue reading

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On Naming Things

(“Things”, huh?  Yeah, I’m a writer who knows how to use words…haha.) So, I just finished final edits on a story that I think is really, really strong.  As strong as the one that keeps getting all those damned personal … Continue reading

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Beware the clean edit

(Note: I have a cold.  It’s quite possible I’m going to write very poorly today.  Have a picture to make up for it.  Spring hiking in Colorado – such fun!) I’m halfway through the (hopefully) final draft of the first … Continue reading

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What to do when you’ve written a good book but not a great book

This is something I’ve kind of known in my gut since I finished the book.  It’s good.  (Yes, as we already know, I do have an ego the size of a house.)  But it’s not great.  And I think it … Continue reading

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A mish-mash

It’s one of those days when I have too many little snippets of thought running around in my head, none of which want to coalesce into a solid post.  So, you’re just going to get a random mish-mash.

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Doing a final read through

I’m about 100 pages into a final read through of the novel.  This is the fifth(?) draft of the novel, although, quite frankly, it doesn’t really matter which draft it is. So, let’s see what I’ve done so far: Draft 1: What I … Continue reading

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Getting closer… (On Beta feedback and next steps)

So, Beta feedback is slowly trickling in.  Three people other than me have actually read my novel and made it to the end – yippee! At this point there are some things I know I need to change:

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Finding the happy medium where a story is good enough

It’s the weekend and I feel a bit lazy, so I’m going to provide a few links to other people’s thoughts about how much time and effort you should put into your novel, story, what-have-you.  As anyone who has tortured … Continue reading

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Random Links on Revising, Plot, and Story

I have a folder where I throw links to interesting articles, but the problem is that I don’t revisit that folder often and I tend to put things out of my mind once I’ve seen them, so they just sit … Continue reading

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