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I want to be writing!!

I have this short story I was working on that I’d really like to finish.  But the real world calls.  I have paying work to do and I need to find a place to live, because my mom does not … Continue reading

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It’s not yours anymore

Once you write that blog post or story or novel and you send it out into the world, it’s not yours anymore.  The only way to control something you create is to keep it private, to never tell anyone else … Continue reading

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A Chuck Wendig Day

Before I get started I’d just like to state for the record that it sounds like a large elephant is bouncing around in the apartment above me.  And if I knew how to say, “Hey, you big fat elephant quit … Continue reading

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I hate my computer right now…

So does my ass.  And my back.  Because I have spent too many hours in the last umpteen days sitting in front of my laptop working.  And I wish I could say I was creating amazing and interesting new worlds … Continue reading

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Post of Randomness

It’s a Sunday.  I hope you’re all out enjoying the last bits of summer.  If not, maybe this post will drive you outside with its complete lack of value to anyone except me.  (Surrogate therapy is fantastic.  Today  you all … Continue reading

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Must stay calm and persevere

This isn’t writing related.  Hence the picture as my apology for ranting in a very generic, not at all useful way.  (And my reminder to channel calm…This may be a repeat photo, but I need his multiple handed meditation today.)

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Have I said how much I love Patricia C. Wrede?

Well, I’m sure it’s been at least a week since I did so. Here she is with a great post: Show and tell redux. A few choice quotes: “Most of all, though, whether something is ‘showing’ or ‘telling’ does not … Continue reading

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I feel the vultures circling…

By this I mean that I think I’m about to have to spend a large part of the rest of the day on mind-numbing conference calls that make me contemplate such things as: (1) That Anna Nicole Smith was a … Continue reading

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