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Where Are We Headed?

It seems it’s that time of year when people start to think about what next year might look like. A few interesting takes on the whole thing: Things To Come by Hayden Trenholm of Bundoran Press.  (And the follow-up article, … Continue reading

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Just Frickin’ Write

I figured I should do a blog post today since I may not get one in over the next few days.  I’ll be traveling and may be either (a) inspired to work on other writing or (b) so utterly consumed … Continue reading

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What you never want to hear from your betas – the POV shifts or tense aren’t working. I’ve heard back from three of the four betas for the second novel.  And two of the three commented on the POV shifts.  … Continue reading

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This Writing Thing is HARD. Or is it?

So, I saw two different posts/videos that fit together nicely. First one is from the wonderful QQ: It’s not THAT hard to get published… right? WRONG. Read the whole post.  It’s worth the time.  But if you don’t, at least … Continue reading

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To Write You Must Read

(Before I start – note to WordPress: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  Last time I had problems logging in it was when they changed their main page to display cat photos.  Very pretty, but by the time someone gets … Continue reading

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Query Letters (Part 3 ) – Useful Links

OK.  Time to wrap-up the query letter discussion.  Here are some useful links I’ve found related to queries.  I’m sure there are others out there.  Feel free to add your favorites in the comments section. My regular go-to sites are … Continue reading

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A little random humor (and a bit of a reading challenge)

If today is anything like yesterday (the first three times I tried to think that sentence, I had it backwards – “If yesterday is anything like today.  No, no…other way.”), this is the last chance I’ll have to make a blog … Continue reading

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Query Quagmire on Rejection

Query Quagmire has a wonderful post up called How to cope with rejection letters: Stay calm and drink heavily.  (Hopefully the link works.  If not, it’s a post from July 12th.)  Read it.  It’s brilliantly funny.  And makes an excellent point. For the … Continue reading

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Having spent the last few nights reading through a couple agent/editor blogs (Query Quagmire and Slush Pile Hell) that show the kind of crap that shows up in the slush pile, I figured it was time for a discussion of professionalism. If … Continue reading

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