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My first writing conference recap

It’s over.  My first ever writers’ conference.  And it was worth it.  Exhausting as all get out – sessions started at 8 AM and ran until 5 PM each day.  I learned a few new tricks and also gained a … Continue reading

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Attention writers who smoke

This will be fairly brief.  And, fortunately, in the Internet age is less relevant than it once was. If you smoke (or live with someone who does), think long and hard about sending out any printed stories or manuscripts from … Continue reading

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Handling Criticism (the right way)

Someday, if I’m really, really lucky someone will write a blog post or an Amazon review of my book explaining why they hated it.  They may even call me names or accuse me of being anti-something or other (women, dogs, … Continue reading

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“Discovering” Someone

I’ve been trying to be a relatively nice person on this blog.  Sure, I’m a bit opinionated, but I try not to call people out or rail against anyone.  And, honestly, that’s how I am in real life, too.  BUT.  … Continue reading

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Don’t Send Cookies!

I’ve been reading my way through Miss Snark’s blog (which is still full of lots of useful information even though she no longer posts there).  And last night I ran across this post, which reminded me of a New York … Continue reading

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One space versus two

Since I mentioned the whole spacing issue in an earlier post, I felt compelled to write this one since that one might have created a wrong impression for anyone who wants to be a writer/author. There seems to be a fairly strong consensus in … Continue reading

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Having spent the last few nights reading through a couple agent/editor blogs (Query Quagmire and Slush Pile Hell) that show the kind of crap that shows up in the slush pile, I figured it was time for a discussion of professionalism. If … Continue reading

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