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Reducing the Noise

This week I cancelled my e-mail subscriptions to at least five writing-related sources.  Why?  Because I’ve been so focused on keeping up with the market that the small amount of free time I do have is getting wasted on reading … Continue reading

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Amazing How Life Gets Away From You

I can’t believe how little I’ve been posting lately.  I also haven’t been keeping up with others’ blog posts, newsletters, reading short stories, or my actual writing. Life does that to you. I thought I was going to take the … Continue reading

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Doing what you want

As I sit here and fantasize about taking three months off from work altogether to write (even though it would be STUPID because I have yet to make a dime off my writing and I’m not quite sure the work … Continue reading

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Sometimes you just have to do

I’ve been pretty slow on the blogging front lately.  Partially because life was annoying me and I didn’t need to share that negativity.  But partially because I think I’m at the point with my writing where it’s time to just … Continue reading

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Random thoughts

I’m scattered this morning, so I figured I’d share some of the thoughts I’ve been having as a result of Super Storm Sandy.  (Such a catchy name, but my mom isn’t exactly appreciative of having a storm named after her.  … Continue reading

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Aligning your choices with what you want in life

I’ve always been someone who sort of pantsed it through life.  Which is not to say that I wasn’t successful at the things I did, just that I’ve never really had that ONE THING that I MUST accomplish.  (And hopefully … Continue reading

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