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Stage makeup

This is one of those thoughts I haven’t quite worked out just yet.  I’m always looking at my writing and trying to figure out how I can improve it and what it is that my stories are missing that others … Continue reading

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Random Links on Revising, Plot, and Story

I have a folder where I throw links to interesting articles, but the problem is that I don’t revisit that folder often and I tend to put things out of my mind once I’ve seen them, so they just sit … Continue reading

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What’s my novel about? Hell if I know…

I spent the day hanging out with a friend and we had a few hours of time to kill in the car, so she asked me to tell her what my novel was about.  You’d think after three drafts and … Continue reading

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Perception and Perspective

Perception and Perspective.  I couldn’t decide which word to use, so I’m going to use both.  (The beauty of having my own blog.  It’s like being a dictator of a mini kingdom.  Or perhaps a micro kingdom?) First things first, … Continue reading

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A link to advice from Patricia C. Wrede on complex plots (and my own muddled take on it)

These first few posts are going to be links to older content that I’ve bookmarked because I found them useful or interesting in some way. First up is a link from Patricia C. Wrede’s blog called “Complicated Webs.”  The post talks … Continue reading

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