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How to handle italics

CAUTION: This post may become out-dated at any given point in time, so if you’re reading this more than a month or so after I write it, verify that things haven’t changed. And, as always, follow any submission guidelines first and … Continue reading

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More manuscript formatting advice

So, I forget which site had this link to Strange Horizon’s Submission Formatting Details, but I figured I’d pass it along, because it’s the best document I’ve seen so far for fixing certain formatting issues that I kinda knew I … Continue reading

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One space versus two

Since I mentioned the whole spacing issue in an earlier post, I felt compelled to write this one since that one might have created a wrong impression for anyone who wants to be a writer/author. There seems to be a fairly strong consensus in … Continue reading

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Some Basics

When I decided to start writing last year, I just opened up Word and started to type.  Easy peasy.  I’d been writing work reports for the last decade, so I knew the basics of formatting paragraphs, etc.  However, it turns … Continue reading

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