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Completely Random Thoughts

I have nothing significant to say today, just a bunch of random thoughts. First thought was that the advantage to self-publishing a book is that you start spending so much time thinking about the book that you kind of forget … Continue reading

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At the risk of beating a dead horse…

I thought I’d revisit this whole Random House/Hydra issue one last time.  Mostly because John Scalzi has an awesome post up on his blog: New Writers, eBook Publishers, and the Power to Negotiate.  But, because I don’t want to just … Continue reading

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First, re: yesterday’s post.  In the interest of fairness, Publishers Weekly now has a response up from Random House.  The argument they’re making is that this is a pure profit-sharing arrangement, so therefore many of the issues Scalzi had with the contracts are irrelevant because it’s … Continue reading

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The Ugly Side of Traditional Publishing

It’s easy to assume that if you go the traditional publishing route that everything will be all great and jolly.  So many have been there before you that they’ve worn the steps smooth with their passing.  All those really egregious … Continue reading

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Signal Boost – Humble eBook Bundle

In my daily trolling of the web, I ran across a pretty cool deal that John Scalzi has up on his page: Humble eBook Bundle If you have an e-book reader and like SFF (or have always thought about trying … Continue reading

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To Write You Must Read

(Before I start – note to WordPress: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  Last time I had problems logging in it was when they changed their main page to display cat photos.  Very pretty, but by the time someone gets … Continue reading

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John Scalzi on being a “self-made man” (and a personal digression about opportunity & loans)

Scalzi wrote a post today called “A Self-Made Man Looks at How He Made It.”  Read it, it’s good.  (Spoiler alert: he makes an excellent point that none of us are in fact self-made.) While my story isn’t identical to his, … Continue reading

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