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Country Music Humor

In the never-ending effort to organize my iTunes music library (I have over 5,000 files in there at the moment), I went through a few of my longer playlists today and broke them down into smaller more homogenous groups.  One … Continue reading

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To Write You Must Read

(Before I start – note to WordPress: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  Last time I had problems logging in it was when they changed their main page to display cat photos.  Very pretty, but by the time someone gets … Continue reading

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Random Bits to Entertain You

I’m about to start day two of my writing conference.  So far, worth the money.  There’ve been a few misses (and one session where I wondered if the presenter was trying to come on to the entire audience), but at … Continue reading

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I’m not used to setbacks (random complaining followed by some fun links as an apology)

I received an e-mail last night that pretty much ruined my day.  (Fortunately, I actually read it at about ten to midnight, so it only really ruined from midnight to 2 AM when I was laying in bed unable to … Continue reading

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Know Your Words

It’s time for another post on how spellcheck does not always work. Especially when you use a word that looks right but means something else. SlushPile Hell put up a good example on August 27th.  Sadly, it took me looking at … Continue reading

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A little random humor (and a bit of a reading challenge)

If today is anything like yesterday (the first three times I tried to think that sentence, I had it backwards – “If yesterday is anything like today.  No, no…other way.”), this is the last chance I’ll have to make a blog … Continue reading

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A little Hayibo humor

I think it’s important to occasionally view the world from a different angle.  And one of my South African friends linked to Hayibo a while back and I now stop by and read their articles every so often.  Funny as hell.  … Continue reading

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