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Short and random

It’s one of those days.  I spent the morning writing up a fifteen page response to a request for information and then I took off and met my mom for lunch.  (And managed to buy two more new books, but … Continue reading

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I’m not used to setbacks (random complaining followed by some fun links as an apology)

I received an e-mail last night that pretty much ruined my day.  (Fortunately, I actually read it at about ten to midnight, so it only really ruined from midnight to 2 AM when I was laying in bed unable to … Continue reading

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I feel the vultures circling…

By this I mean that I think I’m about to have to spend a large part of the rest of the day on mind-numbing conference calls that make me contemplate such things as: (1) That Anna Nicole Smith was a … Continue reading

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A kitchen sink post…

My backbrain is currently percolating a post on picking your betas, but it’s not quite ready to go.  So, in the meantime, I figured I’d do a post of randomness that alone wouldn’t warrant much of a post, but together … Continue reading

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A little Hayibo humor

I think it’s important to occasionally view the world from a different angle.  And one of my South African friends linked to Hayibo a while back and I now stop by and read their articles every so often.  Funny as hell.  … Continue reading

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