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Some PCW Love For 2016

In case you still aren’t reading her blog (you should), Patricia C. Wrede has been blogging for the past few weeks about how to handle dialogue.  Well worth reading all of the posts.  But this one I bookmarked to share: … Continue reading

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Some PCW Love

It’s been a while since I showed the Patricia C. Wrede love.  But she had a great post up today and I figured I’d share it and a few others that I’ve saved up from her. So, today’s post: Tin … Continue reading

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Someone other than me has finished reading my book

But I don’t know what they thought of it.  This waiting for Betas to read my book thing is killing me! My buddy gave the book to his seventeen year old daughter and she finished it, but then she went … Continue reading

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Dialogue revisited – cussing

I love Ursula K. Le Guin.  I haven’t read anything by her in ages.  (I fully intend to rectify the situation when I’m home in a few weeks and can buy books for less than $20 a pop.  Americans do … Continue reading

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Meta messages and dialogue

This sounds fancier than it is.  And I probably wouldn’t have used the phrase “meta message” if a friend hadn’t used it the other night when we were all having a drunken discussion.  Somehow my brain took that discussion and connected … Continue reading

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Don’t write accurate dialogue

Write believable dialogue, but don’t try to be accurate about it. When I was in college, I took an education course and one of the assignments for the course was to record a one-on-one learning situation and then transcribe it … Continue reading

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