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A Reminder About Depression

It’s been a looong time since I’ve mentioned depression here on the blog.  But on Twitter today one of the folks I followed shared a link to a blog post I thought was worth sharing by someone who is struggling … Continue reading

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We All Have Problems

It’s easy when you’re slogging it out down in the trenches to think that if only you can break through everything will be great. Sell that first short story and you’re on your way. Sell that first novel and it’s … Continue reading

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Depression Revisited

I was looking through the list of links I want to someday share on this blog and realized that I have quite a few related to depression in the queue. As anyone who has read my other posts on this subject knows … Continue reading

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Take care of your loved ones

This isn’t a writing post.  Just a reminder that sometimes when people are depressed they isolate themselves, so they aren’t necessarily going to come and seek you out and ask you to help them through a rough patch. When I … Continue reading

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Writers and Depression (Part IV)

Here’s the post I wanted to share yesterday related to writers and depression: BookLife: Past Endurance by LCM A good quote from the post: “Sometimes success, even the start of it, crushes writers. I’ve lost friends to that moment, when their … Continue reading

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Writers and Depression (Take 3?)

I ran across another good post by a writer about his struggles with depression.  You can check it out here: Philip Athans on Depression and Writer’s Block.  It’s a good post and it links in to a few other writers … Continue reading

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Writers and Depression Revisited

I ran across a pretty powerful post by Jim C. Hines yesterday discussing his recent struggles with depression and thought I’d share it here. So, Jim C. Hines on Counseling (Depression).  (I blogged about writers and depression before here when I ran across a … Continue reading

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Writers and Depression

So, after discovering Elizabeth Moon’s website yesterday, I decided to take a bit of a look around and see what she had on there.  And I found an excellent article she had written titled The Writer and Depression. I strongly … Continue reading

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