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Those Moments of Writerly Doubt

Chuck Wendig had a post this week about those moments when you’re writing that you suddenly decide your book is awful.  It happens to all of us.  (At least, that’s what I tell myself.) With the first novel, it was … Continue reading

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“I Never Want To Read That Story Again”

That’s what my mom just told me about the story I had her read. You’d think that when someone says that about something you wrote that it would be a bad thing. Don’t you want readers to love a story … Continue reading

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Is it just a different style or bad writing?

I started reading those sample pages for the writer’s conference today. It was…problematic. I found myself wanting to rewrite sentences on a regular basis.  With one author I didn’t even know how to rewrite some of the sentences, I just … Continue reading

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You Have To Give A Little To Get A Little

I signed up for a group critique session at a writer’s conference later this year.  It’ll be interesting to see what people have to say about my writing.  I’m using the second novel which is a bit of a special … Continue reading

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My two modes of editing others’ work – basic and ugly

(I’m procrastinating.  A friend from college has asked me to swap critiques and, well…I thought I’d write a blog post instead.) In my job that pays the bills, I frequently have to review reports. Sometimes the report I’m reviewing is … Continue reading

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