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“Bad Writing” versus Style

I think about this one often.  There are so many rules out there, like “Never use anything except said for dialogue attribution” or “Always avoid verbs that end in -ing” or “Remove words that weaken a sentence.” And I get … Continue reading

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Failing to appreciate what you have

First, let me share a post by someone else that you should read: The #1 Rule of Everything by Steven R. Stewart. (I feel like I’ve shared this post before.  If so, sorry for the repeat.  If not, enjoy.) Why … Continue reading

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Moments of potential

It’s hard to know when you’re actually in one of those moments that can change the direction of your life.  Sometimes you think you’re in one of those moments, but usually you’re wrong.  Or at least I am.

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I have free time, I should write

A blog post, that is.  Well, I should really WRITE, write, but ya know.  I’ve pretty much resolved that all the soul-sucking crap in my life will be done by the end of the year and then I’ll write fun … Continue reading

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