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Why Blog About Writing?

It came up on one of the writing forums today: why do writers blog about writing? Good question. For me I think it’s because it lets me talk and show my personality without subjecting people to the boredom of my … Continue reading

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So Many Fall By the Wayside

A little over two years ago I started this blog.  At first I posted almost daily and then life and general frustration with all the drama on the interwebz got in the way.  I haven’t posted as much as I … Continue reading

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Do You Actually Need A Brand?

I see lots of conversations about how an author needs to build a brand.  Blog, tweet, FB, pin, make appearances, etc.  And for a long time I believed it. But, today I’m not so sure I do. Because I finally … Continue reading

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It’s All In How You Frame The Issue

I’m currently having a lot of deep thoughts, which means that my mind is unfocused and skittering back and forth between very disparate ideas and trying to connect them. (I don’t actually sit down and tell myself, “Let’s have deep … Continue reading

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A long ramble

I was up at 3:30 this morning to catch my flight home, so this will be a rambling mess.  You have been warned.

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A few random links

Don’t ask me why, but I felt like sharing this link: http://www.slate.com/articles/podcasts/lexicon_valley.html I have a sort of fascination with language, so I think this will be an interesting series to listen to.  But, I’ve only listened to one of the … Continue reading

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I’ve flatlined!

Haha.  Sorry.  Didn’t know how to start today, so figured I’d comment on the fact that when I don’t post, I don’t get visits, so the lovely little traffic tracker in the top left corner of my dashboard is currently … Continue reading

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