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Time To Fix That Typo

One of the great things about self-publishing is that after a book is out you can still go back and fix a typo if you happen to catch it later.  (Also one of the bad things as it turns out…) … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts On Audiobooks

So I spent part of my afternoon reviewing the audio for one of my titles.  And it was kind of painful.  Not, thankfully, because of my writing, but because narrating a story is a tricky thing and trying to decide … Continue reading

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Five Years…

Just realized it’s been five years since I started this whole writing journey.  And…? I don’t know. I’m proud of what I’ve written but underwhelmed by how I’ve done overall.  And yet, 2,500+ paid sales is not nothing.  And having … Continue reading

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This Is Not The Path To Success

There’s an interesting thread on a certain writing forum right now where people who are making over $25K or over $100K per year are answering some questions.  By my count there are twenty-six people already in the $50K+ range with … Continue reading

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It’s Hard To Keep Going

Sometime recently I crossed the 2,500 sales mark.  That’s a decent number of real, live people who paid to read something I wrote.  And not just family or friends although they are part of that number. The sales are spread … Continue reading

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Vetting A Publisher

So, yet another smaller press is in the news the last week or so because of non-payment to authors, poor performance, etc.  Who the publisher is doesn’t really matter.  Because next year it’ll be another publisher in the same situation.  … Continue reading

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Debut novelist…

I checked Goodreads today and saw that I had a new review on the pen-name fantasy book.  It was a great review!  Loved it.  Made my day.  Seriously, if it weren’t creepy I’d give everyone who reviews my books a … Continue reading

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Not Nothing

Sometimes I get frustrated with writing.  Not because I don’t enjoy the writing itself, but because I wish I were selling more.  Of course, I don’t exactly write to market, so it’s not entirely unexpected that I don’t sell millions … Continue reading

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If I Had A Million Dollars…

I would write full-time.  And not even care if I sold anything.  Because I could probably invest that wisely enough and live cheaply enough to live on it indefinitely. I’d probably still publish my books. Although maybe not. It’s nice … Continue reading

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Choices, Choices

Caution: Rambling post ahead Sometime towards the end of last year, I decided I was going to focus on writing novels this year.  I even decided I was going to focus on writing sci-fi/fantasy. But it’s hard to keep on … Continue reading

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