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Story Is What Matters Most

No matter which path you take to publication –trade, self, osmosis, telepathy–telling a story that readers like enough to want to read more (or again) is paramount.  (IMHO.) So, I thought I’d share some of the links I’ve found related … Continue reading

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Some Good Advice

I was going to share these when they came out, but then I got a little distracted and posted about other things.  So, a little late, but here they are: 50 Rantypants Snidbits Of Random Writing & Storytelling Advice by … Continue reading

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Information Overload (or advice from others)

I have this folder full of excellent advice from people who are far smarter than I am and who have succeeded in this whole writing business.  And yet all those links sit there unused because I look at the long … Continue reading

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