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Writing Is the Easy Part

I’m weird. I know this.  Things that others like, I hate.  And I’m almost pathological in my negative reaction to being marketed to. I do not like to be sold and I’m very, very sensitive to any signs that it’s … Continue reading

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Authenticity vs Perception

For the launch of the latest novel I paid for some advertising.  And one of the advertisers happens to list the books it promotes next to other popular books and make kind comments about the book being promoted.  Well, I … Continue reading

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The Power of Advertising

It’s only August 13th and so far I’m having my second-best month ever with self-publishing.  I’d love to say that it’s because sales have organically grown over time and that with each title I release I see a little bit … Continue reading

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Do You Need Money To Start A Writing Business?

No. Yes. It depends. How’s that for helpful? I see this argument made all the time on self-publishing forums: You’re running a small business now, you have to expect to pay money to get it off the ground. And I … Continue reading

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Conference Tidbits: Marketing and Promotion

A friend of mine is about to sign their first book deal.  (Yay!!)  And, as a result, we’ve had a couple chats about marketing and promotion. At the conference I attended earlier this month there was a great presentation on … Continue reading

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