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Let’s Talk Amazon Reports and Excel Pivot Tables

I just saw an author that makes $40,000+ a month and is exclusive to Amazon talk about how hard it is for them to differentiate sales between their two pen names.  And I thought, really? Then I remembered that there … Continue reading

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Why Give Up Part of Your Profit?

I just saw someone post on one of the writing forums that they’d chosen to list their self-published how-to book only on their website because they were following someone else’s advice about not giving up their profits by listing on … Continue reading

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Wanta Know How To Throw Your Life Into Chaos?

Decide to buy a house in a hot real estate market.  Not something I’d recommend for the faint of heart. Writing is being severely impacted and blogging is secondary to that.  So, see you once this all settles out.

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Why Blog About Writing?

It came up on one of the writing forums today: why do writers blog about writing? Good question. For me I think it’s because it lets me talk and show my personality without subjecting people to the boredom of my … Continue reading

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He’s Right, You Have to Finish

Chuck Wendig, as usual, has a fantastic post up at his blog at the moment: Why It’s Important To Finish Your Shit It’s worth the read, if for nothing else than this line: “I mean, c’mon. Prone-position face-pie? Delicious. Amazing. Transformative.” … Continue reading

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Those Moments of Writerly Doubt

Chuck Wendig had a post this week about those moments when you’re writing that you suddenly decide your book is awful.  It happens to all of us.  (At least, that’s what I tell myself.) With the first novel, it was … Continue reading

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Is It Time to Quit?

If you try it long enough you’ll realize that this writing thing is HARD. You’ll see books that you think are crap get published while you keep getting rejection letters. You’ll have friends or family who promise to read your … Continue reading

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On Naming Things

(“Things”, huh?  Yeah, I’m a writer who knows how to use words…haha.) So, I just finished final edits on a story that I think is really, really strong.  As strong as the one that keeps getting all those damned personal … Continue reading

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How Not to Market Your Product (Or Yourself)

This is a “do as I say, not as I do” post, because I’m generally terrible about marketing things. But I know when things don’t work.

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That whole gun debate…

I like to keep this blog politic and religion free.  Most people have their views and talking about those types of issues generally just leads to either preaching to people who think just like you and encourage you in one-dimensional thinking … Continue reading

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