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A New Short Story Collection

I am not by nature a short story reader or writer. Hence the reason it’s been seven years since I published my last short story collection. But every once in a while I get an idea that only works as … Continue reading

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A Walk Down Memory Lane

I went through the posts on this site today to delete references to a certain self-publishing forum that at one point was an incredibly valuable source of information for me but that is now under new ownership that has shown … Continue reading

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Sort Of Kind Of Outing Myself

Not in the traditional sense of outing yourself, but more in the “I have too many pen names to keep track of and I’m tired of keeping them all separate” sense of things. I’ve started a new blog at … Continue reading

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I Should Be Happier

I’m sitting here in my own house with pup snoring somewhere down the hallway and my day is completely my own. I can write, I can sit out on the porch and read a book. I’m in good (enough) health.  … Continue reading

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Sometimes It Would Be Nice to Not Think

As I sit here inspired to write yet another belly button-gazing post about where I am in my writing journey there’s a part of me that wishes I could just be one of those people who never really thinks about … Continue reading

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Vetting A Publisher

So, yet another smaller press is in the news the last week or so because of non-payment to authors, poor performance, etc.  Who the publisher is doesn’t really matter.  Because next year it’ll be another publisher in the same situation.  … Continue reading

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Debut novelist…

I checked Goodreads today and saw that I had a new review on the pen-name fantasy book.  It was a great review!  Loved it.  Made my day.  Seriously, if it weren’t creepy I’d give everyone who reviews my books a … Continue reading

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On Death and The Power of Words

Through a very weird trail of links, I found out today that Sara Douglass died.  In 2011.  Yes, I’m a little behind the times.  But that’s what happens sometimes when you’re a reader.  An author you like doesn’t put out … Continue reading

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Hayden Trenholm has some pretty entertaining posts on his 10 Minutes of Words blog.  Like this one today. I particularly liked this comment: “No – I get it – you think of work as the stuff you get paid for. … Continue reading

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50% Off on Kobo

If there’s a self-published title on Kobo that you’ve had your eye on for a while but just didn’t want to buy because it was a little too expensive for you, now is the time to act. Kobo is putting … Continue reading

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