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A Matter of Perspective

As I’ve mentioned before, my dad was terminally ill most of his adult life.  He didn’t have his kidneys so had to dialyze three times a week for over twenty years.  If you had asked him what he wanted most … Continue reading

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I am a coward

So an election happened here this week.  You might’ve noticed?  And there are many, many discussions occurring around it.  On Facebook and Twitter they’re going on, from both sides of the divide.  And I see those conversations and I think, … Continue reading

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When the World Makes You Stumble

I am fortunate enough, even in this contentious election period to be able to walk through life comfortable in the (incorrect) belief that most people see the world the way I do or that if we were to sit down … Continue reading

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Sometimes It Would Be Nice to Not Think

As I sit here inspired to write yet another belly button-gazing post about where I am in my writing journey there’s a part of me that wishes I could just be one of those people who never really thinks about … Continue reading

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The Path Not Taken

We all make decisions in our lives.  Attend this school, take that job, date this person not that one.  And each of those choices takes us down a path that becomes our life.  The path isn’t necessarily straight or linear, … Continue reading

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40 Things That Make Me Happy

So, it turns out I’m now 40 years old.  Holy cow!  What have I done with my life?  But it’s okay, because I’ve actually done quite a bit and don’t regret where I am or who I am.  And after … Continue reading

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Grief Isolates You

So over on twitter author Delilah Dawson has been tweeting about the imminent death of her father.  It’s some heavy shit.  And even though it’s been over twenty years since I lost my father (and he thankfully died within a … Continue reading

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If I Had A Million Dollars…

I would write full-time.  And not even care if I sold anything.  Because I could probably invest that wisely enough and live cheaply enough to live on it indefinitely. I’d probably still publish my books. Although maybe not. It’s nice … Continue reading

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Twenty-One Years

On April 3rd it’ll be twenty-one years since my dad passed away.  I still think about him often, especially when I wonder whether I’m living the life he wanted for me.  I suspect I’m not.  He’d want me happily married … Continue reading

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Choices, Choices

Caution: Rambling post ahead Sometime towards the end of last year, I decided I was going to focus on writing novels this year.  I even decided I was going to focus on writing sci-fi/fantasy. But it’s hard to keep on … Continue reading

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