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Short Stories:

In Search of a Hero7 small

Everyone always tells stories about the hero. But what about the guy who wasted his whole frickin’ life looking for the hero? Well, this is the story of that guy and the day he finally found the hero he’d spent decades looking for.

The Taste of Memory small

Should You Give Someone What They Want Even If It Will Harm Them?

Dmitri is a memory eraser, someone capable of removing the worst memories, the ones that haunt and pursue someone for the rest of their lives. He’s the best. But to help those most in need he has to take on other clients, ones who can actually pay. When one of those clients demands that he give her painful memories to make her a better actress he has to decide. Does he say yes and harm her but help his other clients? Or does he say no to protect her from herself?

The Price We Pay3 small

What If You Didn’t Have To Struggle Anymore?

Clark has spent every day of his life fighting to survive his terminal illness and provide for his family, but then all his wishes are unexpectedly answered and he’s left asking the question, what now?

Death Answered2 small

How Far Will She Go To Save The Man She Loves?

When Christy’s husband is seriously injured in a skydiving accident, she can’t stand the thought of losing him. So when she’s given the chance–however unreal–to save him, she takes it. But at what cost?

The Bearer5 small

Ka was raised to be a Bearer, a surrogate for wealthy parents who don’t want to or can’t have their own children. Forced to stay silent and devote every moment of every day and every action to creating the perfect environment for growing someone else’s child, she’d never questioned her role. Until now.

To Be a Hero3 small

What’s It Take To Be A Hero?

It’s the year 2030 and the whole world is watching while American soldiers fight insurgents in Syria. But with TV networks in charge of the war what’s the real goal and is a hero really a hero?

(Formerly Live at Five: The War for Tadmur)

Drowning In Their Darkness small

What If You Couldn’t Say No To Others But They Never Knew?

Empathy should have its limits.  But for Freya it doesn’t.  When others are around she finds herself bending to their will, unable to tell anyone what she wants, unable to assert herself or defend herself. Can she find a way forward or will she forever be drowning in their darkness?

(Formerly Freya’s Tale)

Note that I’ve also published a collection of short stories and a non-fiction book on dealing with grief that may be available at times in print or audiobook formats or may be available through a library still. Those books are A World Dark and Cold and You Can Survive This. Some of my humorous short stories may also be available in ebook through the library under Quirky Quickies Volumes 1 or 2. Any other titles by an M.H. Lee are likely not by me. At least one author started using that name after I started publishing.



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