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40 Things That Make Me Happy

So, it turns out I’m now 40 years old.  Holy cow!  What have I done with my life?  But it’s okay, because I’ve actually done quite a bit and don’t regret where I am or who I am.  And after … Continue reading

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This Is Not The Path To Success

There’s an interesting thread on a certain writing forum right now where people who are making over $25K or over $100K per year are answering some questions.  By my count there are twenty-six people already in the $50K+ range with … Continue reading

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It’s Hard To Keep Going

Sometime recently I crossed the 2,500 sales mark.  That’s a decent number of real, live people who paid to read something I wrote.  And not just family or friends although they are part of that number. The sales are spread … Continue reading

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