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Grief Isolates You

So over on twitter author Delilah Dawson has been tweeting about the imminent death of her father.  It’s some heavy shit.  And even though it’s been over twenty years since I lost my father (and he thankfully died within a … Continue reading

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Debut novelist…

I checked Goodreads today and saw that I had a new review on the pen-name fantasy book.  It was a great review!  Loved it.  Made my day.  Seriously, if it weren’t creepy I’d give everyone who reviews my books a … Continue reading

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Not Nothing

Sometimes I get frustrated with writing.  Not because I don’t enjoy the writing itself, but because I wish I were selling more.  Of course, I don’t exactly write to market, so it’s not entirely unexpected that I don’t sell millions … Continue reading

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If I Had A Million Dollars…

I would write full-time.  And not even care if I sold anything.  Because I could probably invest that wisely enough and live cheaply enough to live on it indefinitely. I’d probably still publish my books. Although maybe not. It’s nice … Continue reading

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More Free Books

I mentioned yesterday that The Price We Pay is free for a few days, but it’s not the only one.  Check out Patty Jansen’s promo page to see a whole bunch of free speculative fiction.  Bound to be something there … Continue reading

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Twenty-One Years

On April 3rd it’ll be twenty-one years since my dad passed away.  I still think about him often, especially when I wonder whether I’m living the life he wanted for me.  I suspect I’m not.  He’d want me happily married … Continue reading

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