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The Slow Build

There’s something to be said for time spent involved in an activity.  When I was skydiving there were folks who came into the sport and hit the ground running and had hundreds of jumps in their first year and thought … Continue reading

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Hayden Trenholm has some pretty entertaining posts on his 10 Minutes of Words blog.  Like this one today. I particularly liked this comment: “No – I get it – you think of work as the stuff you get paid for. … Continue reading

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Maybe I’m Better Off With A Day Job

It seems I’m in a funk today.  I should be writing.  I finally started the new novel.  (You know, the sequel to the book people are actually telling me they really like.  The pen name one, not Erelia.  I got … Continue reading

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Some PCW Love For 2016

In case you still aren’t reading her blog (you should), Patricia C. Wrede has been blogging for the past few weeks about how to handle dialogue.  Well worth reading all of the posts.  But this one I bookmarked to share: … Continue reading

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It’s A New Year…

Which means new goals and directions.  I always set New Year’s resolutions.  Some I don’t hit and really don’t focus on all year (like the ever elusive “meet someone” goals I occasionally set and then wonder why I did).  Some … Continue reading

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