Some Words of Inspiration

I ran across this quote the other day and found it so spot on that I had to write it down:

“When you really want something and you’re doing everything you can to make it happen and it’s not coming to fruition, you have to let go of the result and do the work anyway.” -Greg Behrendt and Amiira Ruotola

Now, go work on whatever it is that you’re working towards until you reach that goal.

About M. H. Lee

M.H. Lee is a speculative fiction writer currently residing in Colorado whose stories are sometimes dark, sometimes funny, sometimes darkly funny, but hopefully always thought-provoking and entertaining.
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2 Responses to Some Words of Inspiration

  1. Dave Higgins says:

    Many of the things I’ve done have paid off later in unexpected ways.

    I worked hard training to be a lawyer, and continued to work hard once I graduated, because I wanted to be a successful lawyer; now, all those hours studying nuances of meaning, writing even when I was stressed and disinterested, and editing for the smallest niggle have given me a solid base for publishing fiction.

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