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That Stage Where You Hate Your Novel…

I’m there.  Wondering why on earth I felt the need to rewrite this thing from page 1.  (Note to self and anyone else tempted to do so–do not do this.  Just write the next novel if you think you’ve leveled-up … Continue reading

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Long-Term Relationships (In Business)

So, KKR had a great post yesterday on John Scalzi’s recent ten-year, $3.6 million dollar deal for thirteen books.  It’s all about how each of us have our own careers and get to make our own choices and how what … Continue reading

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Do You Need Money To Start A Writing Business?

No. Yes. It depends. How’s that for helpful? I see this argument made all the time on self-publishing forums: You’re running a small business now, you have to expect to pay money to get it off the ground. And I … Continue reading

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You Have To Care, But You Can’t

How’s that for a riddle. So what do I mean by this? I had a mini meltdown in my journal the other day because I’m rewriting each chapter of the last novel (something some would advise against as a waste … Continue reading

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I Want A Buyout Clause In My Contract

There are many reasons I will probably never end up signing a trade publishing contract.  (Like, I don’t know, sucking at the query process and not having a book they want and not being incentivized enough to fix either of … Continue reading

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Self-Publishing: How Hard Does It Have To Be?

I’ve been chiming in on an interesting discussion over on AW about formatting self-published books.  This isn’t a new conversation by any means–it pops up on a regular and routine basis on both AW and other writing forums. And there’s … Continue reading

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Let It Go Or Revise One More Time?

This is a tricky one to deal with. I’ve seen more than one full-time long-term writer who advocates write and forget it.  As in, write one draft, go back and fix up spelling and typos, and move on to the … Continue reading

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