It seems today is the third anniversary of this blog.  My how time flies!  Ironic because I was headed here to write about how some significant milestones come and go and we don’t even realize it and here was one for me.

It also seems I’ve finally crossed the 1,000 copies sold mark.  A small step for many, but a big step for me.  And one that sadly took a little longer than I was hoping it would back in December.  But I still made it there eventually, so yay!  (And may 10,000 arrive in far less time than it took to reach 1,000.)

That’s the funny thing about milestones.  When you first start out every little step is huge.  Your first blog follower, your first blog comment, your first sale that can’t be tracked back to your mother.

But as time goes on, you stop paying so much attention.  Or at least I do.  Because all that obsessing about milestones pulls away from what you need to do to reach those milestones.  (In my case, write more and publish more.)

But since I was doing my month-end updating, I noticed that one today.

I also realized today that writing-year to-date I have written more words this year than I wrote in the last three years combined.  I’m currently at 422,000 new words written since mid-August. In the three writing years before that (all started in July) I wrote 413,000 words total across all three years.

Still not at the million-word mark, but definitely getting closer.  And it really seems doable in this writing year if I can keep at this.

I suspect the million-word mark will sneak by me, too.  I’ll just be writing and recording my word counts and pause one day to add them to my tracking spreadsheet and think, “Oh, wow! This is the point where I’m actually supposed to be successful at this.”

I will then laugh, shake my head at that foolishness because I won’t be yet, and keep writing. But, hey, if the belief that reaching that milestone will mean something keeps me going until I get there, then it’s all good.

Because the way to make this writing thing work is to just keep plugging away at it day in and day out and to keep improving as I do.

I’m just glad to be back to writing fiction after a month of stepping away to write some non-fiction.  (Now if I could just manage to focus on one path instead of the ten or so I seem to be straddling, that would be really helpful, too.  I realize I don’t have more than ten titles out under any specific category even though I have close to sixty titles out at this point.  Not how you win at this self-publishing game, by the by.)

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M.H. Lee is a speculative fiction writer currently residing in Colorado whose stories are sometimes dark, sometimes funny, sometimes darkly funny, but hopefully always thought-provoking and entertaining.
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