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DWS On Stages Of A Fiction Writer

Dean Wesley Smith has a series of lectures he’s put together on the stages of a fiction writer. I watched the video version of this a while back and found it informative (albeit frustrating at the same time, because I … Continue reading

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The Tide ALWAYS Turns

A few years back my grandma gave me this little flipbook from Hallmark with “inspirational” quotes on each page.  When I was traveling a lot and away from home for months at a time I would take it with me … Continue reading

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Triple Check Before Posting

There are things I’d love to say about authors behaving badly.  Or perhaps, more accurately, cluelessly.  (General note: coercing or buying reviews, never a good idea.  And the Internet has a very, very long memory.  And avoiding the negative implications … Continue reading

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Why Give Up Part of Your Profit?

I just saw someone post on one of the writing forums that they’d chosen to list their self-published how-to book only on their website because they were following someone else’s advice about not giving up their profits by listing on … Continue reading

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You Have To Separate The Pride From The Result

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about writing and rejection and good results and bad results and all the fun things that twist your mind around as a writer.  Especially watching some of the fallout of the awards ugliness these … Continue reading

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The Best Authors Aren’t Always The Most Successful

Writing is a HARD gig.  Anyone who has tried writing and subbing short stories or querying a novel or self-publishing anything can tell you that.  Oh, sure, some folks hit it out of the park on that first try.  But … Continue reading

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Further Thoughts On the Hugo Fiasco

I’ve been reading any number of threads discussing the Hugo fiasco this year and I have to say that I think certain parties have played right into the hands of the group that orchestrated a takeover of the ballot because … Continue reading

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Why I’m Happy I’m Not Traditionally Published Today

I grew up on sci-fi and fantasy.  It’s been my go-to for decades.  I read outside the field, but my true love and escape has always been speculative fiction of one sort or another. So when I started writing “for … Continue reading

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It seems today is the third anniversary of this blog.  My how time flies!  Ironic because I was headed here to write about how some significant milestones come and go and we don’t even realize it and here was one … Continue reading

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