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Mentoring: Good or Bad?

I don’t want to wade into spec fic politics.  If you’re curious about the latest drama check out KKR’s post Business Musings: Controlling The Creatives and then wander your way over to the comments about the post on The Passive … Continue reading

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Wanta Know How To Throw Your Life Into Chaos?

Decide to buy a house in a hot real estate market.  Not something I’d recommend for the faint of heart. Writing is being severely impacted and blogging is secondary to that.  So, see you once this all settles out.

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To Write Is To Be Vulnerable

Chuck Wendig had another great post up on his blog yesterday. Actually it was a series of tweets he wrote about writing.  But I’m not going to link to it because I just linked to one of his posts and … Continue reading

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Creating A Story

Bear with me on this one, because I’m going to wander a bit. First, there’s a great new post from Chuck Wendig up: Writing Is A Profane, Irrational, Imperfect Act Here’s a quick quote from the article that I loved: … Continue reading

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Do You Really Want It?

I hate to judge people.  I don’t have to live their life, I don’t know what’s going on in their head, and (after many years of experience) I’ve learned that things that may come easily to me don’t come easily … Continue reading

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Who To Listen To?

In my personal experience, the best public board for self-publishing information is [a certain writer forum that was bought and ruined by new ownership].  And the best public board for trade publishing and craft information is at I’ve come … Continue reading

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Having Multiple Creative Interests

Since PCW is still taking a break from blogging due to a broken elbow (heal fast!), I figured I’d share one of her posts that I bookmarked a while back: Cross-training creativity Basically, it’s an argument for pursuing other creative … Continue reading

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Just Write

I don’t know why, but this morning I’ve been sitting here thinking about writing in general.  And for some reason it occurred to me that the single-most valuable piece of advice I could give to anyone thinking about being a … Continue reading

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Choosing Art Over Business

Back to sharing blog posts that I bookmarked ages ago.  And here’s one that I’m sure most of you saw at the time it came out, but I just reread it and it still makes me smile.  So here’s the … Continue reading

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When Do You Become An Expert?

This is a pertinent question to me because I just submitted an application to present at a writing workshop.  Something I wondered if I was qualified to do the whole time I was completing the application.  (Ah, ego.) Now, on … Continue reading

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