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Handling The Low Points

Back to sharing the brilliant wisdom of others.  Here’s a great guest post by Jim C. Hines aptly titled Despair about how all writers at some time experience feelings of failure and inadequacy.  Actually, many times if they stick with … Continue reading

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You Have To Choose

Another great post to share from PCW. (Who is currently out of action with a broken elbow, poor thing.  Hope she heals soon.) Here’s a great quote from it: “The most effective writing is often counter-intuitive. In this case, it … Continue reading

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Best Compliment Ever

My mom finished reading my latest novel and her comment was that at times she forgot she was reading a novel written by her child because she got so into the story. How awesome is that? Of course, I depend … Continue reading

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Following Trends

I’m still working my way through old blog posts I’ve bookmarked to share, but I ran across a new one by KKR yesterday that I figured was worth sharing now: Business Musings: Following The Crowd This one’s especially interesting because … Continue reading

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Brilliant Storytelling Advice

Yet another post to share.  This one from Hayden Trenholm: Sorry, Your Submission Didn’t Grab Me So much good advice in here.  Read the whole thing even though at one point he cautions that it’s a long post. I think … Continue reading

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Some Business-Related Posts To Share

Okay, so these aren’t specific to writers or writing, but they have important messages, nonetheless. First, is 5 Signs It’s Time To Quit Your Job by Sallie Krawcheck. I think I bookmarked this one for her fourth reason on that … Continue reading

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Back to sharing all the posts I’ve bookmarked and have yet to share on here…This one is from the indomitable Janet Reid.  Another blog that I’ve pretty much followed since I found it. And, anyone who ever thinks of querying … Continue reading

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SFWA Is Admitting Self-Publishers!! And Small Press Authors, too…

Here’s the link. I know not everyone thinks RMFW membership is necessary or good, but I like having the option available.

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Random Thoughts

No sharing of blog posts today.  I figured I’d share some random thoughts I’m having instead because I’m sure all y’all just love to hear those.  Haha… So, first, yesterday I received in the mail the paperback proof of one … Continue reading

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One Hit Wonders

Okay.  Day two of working through all the blog posts I’ve bookmarked to share.  The next one was actually another one from PCW, so I skipped it in favor of one from Seth Godin, another person whose blog I faithfully … Continue reading

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