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Where’s The Line Between Faith In Yourself and Foolishness?

I have to say that I probably ask myself this question every single day these days.  As most of you know, I’m currently writing full-time. Now, that needs to be distinguished from paying my bills with my writing.  And we … Continue reading

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Some Days You Have to Focus on Living

If you read enough blogs or attend enough writing conferences or generally spend enough time around writers at some point you’ll hear that a writer should write every day.  Get your butt in that chair.  That’s the only way to … Continue reading

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The Trick of Social Media

I am not that great at social media, personally or professionally.  I have this blog.  I have a personal FB account.  I have a couple other blogs that I neglect to such an extreme that they should just be shut … Continue reading

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Careful Who You Trust

As yet another small publisher closes its doors at the end of the month (Musa–thankfully in a way that doesn’t take their author’s books with them into bankruptcy), my mind turns once more to how hard it is in this … Continue reading

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You Are Running A Business

I’m going to be a little ranty today and this may not apply to all my readers, so apologies in advance for that.  This post is geared towards any writers or other creative types or self-employed types that are making … Continue reading

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You know, I’ve never been a huge fan of the opinion that only people who “must write” should write.  I’ve never ever been someone who had strong singular passions.  That’s how I ended up with three majors in college–because it … Continue reading

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Why Blog About Writing?

It came up on one of the writing forums today: why do writers blog about writing? Good question. For me I think it’s because it lets me talk and show my personality without subjecting people to the boredom of my … Continue reading

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I Should Be Writing

But I just hit publish on a new story and can’t quite bring myself to sink into writing mode just yet.  Which makes me think about all the non-writing activities that go into being self-published. I put my non-fiction titles … Continue reading

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What Makes You Happy?

It’s funny.  I went to a birthday party last night and saw a ton of people I worked with ten years or so ago.  It was great to see everyone and catch up and be reminded how I’d really liked … Continue reading

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More Posts on Perseverance

Seth Godin is great at the short and sweet blog post that’s a mini kick in the pants. Here are two: Forgive yourself Stumbling your way to greatness In other news, let me just recommend that no one wait to … Continue reading

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