Less Commonly Confused Words

It had been forever since I updated the Grammar and Word Usage Round-Up post, so I had a ton of little notes on my desk with words I’ve confused recently or seen confused in forum posts.  Figured I’d let people know I’d updated the post and list the new additions here:

Recent mistakes I’ve made or seen made:

– Using exercise instead of exorcise

– Using phase instead of faze

– Using discreet instead of discrete

– Using whether instead of weather

– Using proceed instead of precede

For anyone who does self-edit, I think reviewing that earlier post is a good exercise.  Two of the above were mistakes I made in my own writing that I only realized when I did the grammar and spelling check in Word.

A trick I use to see if I have the correct word is to right-click on it and look at the synonyms.  If they don’t make any sense, then chances are I don’t have the right spelling for the word I’m trying to use.  (Like with phase vs. faze.)

Confusions like this are a good example of you don’t know what you don’t know…

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