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Is It Time to Quit?

If you try it long enough you’ll realize that this writing thing is HARD. You’ll see books that you think are crap get published while you keep getting rejection letters. You’ll have friends or family who promise to read your … Continue reading

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Strong Female Characters

Random thought of the day (that’s writing related so ends up here on this blog instead of the other one): You have not created a strong female character if you spend multiple books talking about how powerful she is or … Continue reading

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The Flexibility Conundrum

I know in my professional life that staying flexible is key to my success.  A job I had a few years ago essentially involved being told, “Hey, we have this new development that no one knows anything about and we … Continue reading

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Follow Your Gut

So this lovely little project I got suckered into at the beginning of the year is about to wrap up. (At least for me.)  It’s been good in some ways–the work was interesting, I got along well with the co-workers … Continue reading

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