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My Characters Have Ayn Rand Syndrome…

Huh?  What does that mean?  Ayn Rand syndrome? It means that all of my “good characters” are good-looking, healthy, fit, etc. and all of my “bad characters” are overweight or ugly or somehow physically flawed.  (With the exception of characters … Continue reading

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You can’t be average

Well, you can be average.  Someone out there is.  But that person isn’t the top of their field.  They aren’t the one who gets interviewed or profiled or talked about. Average is safe.  It’s boring.  There’s no interest in average. … Continue reading

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The Danger in Being a Survivor Type

If I had to choose one strength to characterize myself it would be that I’m a survivor.  By that I mean that, whatever situation I find myself in, I will find a way to survive it.  And usually to thrive … Continue reading

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It Can’t Be About The Money

I had a conversation with a friend the other day who has been struggling to get work.  They finally have a project to work on, but it’s been so long since they had a good project that they’re screwing it … Continue reading

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