People Worry Me..

While trying to figure out how to handle the fact that my client overpaid me, I happened to glance at Yahoo! and the top article on the page spelled “would” “wood.”  As in “Wood you like…”

Seriously?  I mean, yes.  I have a post with many, many commonly confused spellings.  Here.  But I never thought I’d have to add wood vs. would to that list.  It’s truly a low day when that shows up on a “professional” website.

And, of course, I was already marveling over the incompetence of people with the whole overpayment thing.  Of course, I’ve already told them they’d overpaid me.  It’s just a matter of how to handle it.

Last time they did this, (no, it’s not the first time) I went to the bank, got a cashier’s check issued, and mailed it to them.  (Proof is useful.)  But this time I really don’t feel inclined to spend an hour of my time to fix their mistake.  So, maybe I’ll just carry it forward until I’ve earned it out instead.

But seriously, folks.  Does no one double-check anything anymore?

(And, because irony is so beautiful, I’m sure I have at least one error in this post that someone will think is blatant and stupid.)

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M.H. Lee is a speculative fiction writer currently residing in Colorado whose stories are sometimes dark, sometimes funny, sometimes darkly funny, but hopefully always thought-provoking and entertaining.
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6 Responses to People Worry Me..

  1. Laura says:

    I saw that headline on, and considered it might be an error. But that particular subsite on Yahoo uses a lot of puns and homophones in headlines. Not all of them are successful. Anyhoo, I’ve been blogging about the many embarrassing mistakes committed by the pro writers and editors at Yahoo for many years. After seeing the number of homophone errors they make, it wouldn’t surprise me if they actually thought “wood” was the correct word.

    • mhleewriter says:

      True, it could’ve been intentional since “wood” was used correctly later in the headline. If so, FAIL. And, yes, this is definitely not the first error I’ve seen them make…

  2. Dave Higgins says:

    I received an email purporting to be from Facebook notifications a few days ago with a spelling error in the subject line.

    I knew it was a scam because I do not have a Facebook account; however, I realised that, had I had one, I would not have categorised it as a scam on the error alone as I have lost my expectation that only spam emails misspell common words.

  3. Any time I have a spelling error, I plead the “I was typing on my phone and it auto-corrected the word wrong” excuse.

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