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I should not write science fiction

Most of what I write is speculative fiction set in an Earth-like world, which means I can largely rely on what I know of how the world works and tweak it based upon my magic system.  Easy peasy. But I … Continue reading

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Country Music Humor

In the never-ending effort to organize my iTunes music library (I have over 5,000 files in there at the moment), I went through a few of my longer playlists today and broke them down into smaller more homogenous groups.  One … Continue reading

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A little PSA: If you’re not good at your job, quit it

Really, truly.  If you’re in a job and don’t know what you’re doing or continuously “get it wrong” (and you know who you are), please, please, please just quit your job so the company can find someone competent to do … Continue reading

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Stage makeup

This is one of those thoughts I haven’t quite worked out just yet.  I’m always looking at my writing and trying to figure out how I can improve it and what it is that my stories are missing that others … Continue reading

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A writerly moment

(And, yes, I’m going to pretend that really is a word even if it isn’t.) Every once in a while I have one of those moments that make me think, “Hey, I may actually be a writer.”  They’re somewhat rare, … Continue reading

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Self-Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing

I’m diligently working away towards my new year’s goals.  Sent three stories off to markets yesterday (and hoping they take a while to get back to me so I can have that feeling of accomplishment for at least a few … Continue reading

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Beta Reading Sucks

I know.  It’s amazing that I would hate to beta read since I love to tell people my opinion.  Honestly, when my friends are having work or relationship problems I’m the first one to be asking questions and pointing them … Continue reading

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Random Reasons to Be Happy

I went exploring today and found an art exhibit by Salvador Dali that I hadn’t known about.  And it had all sorts of crazy pieces I’d never seen before.  That made my day. Dali was such an eccentric.  It makes me … Continue reading

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Go forth and travel

Preferably somewhere that is vastly different from your own experience and makes you feel out-of-place and uncomfortable.  First, anyone should do this so you can understand how much you assume about how the world works.  Second, if you’re a writer, … Continue reading

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Show and Tell Revisited

Before I disappear the book into a box in my storage unit (oh, the joys of living without a permanent base), I thought I better share perhaps the best discussion of show vs. tell that I’ve run across so far.  … Continue reading

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