More commonly confused words

Dr. Doyle had a post that reminded me it was about time for me to update my list of “commonly” confused words.  (Perhaps they’re not all common words, but they are all words I’ve seen misused at least once in my day-to-day life.)

So, here’s her post about not trusting spellcheck: A Pitfall for the Unwary

And here’s a link to my Grammar and Word Usage Round-Up post.  (I just updated it with the new words below.  It’s also always available on the writing related tab at the top of the blog.)

And, for those of you who have already seen the current list, here are the new additions:

heresy vs. hearsay
nigh vs. neigh
principle vs. principal
later vs. latter
stationary vs. stationery
ensure vs. insure

I think it’s interesting that WordPress flagged principle and ensure and asked if I meant principal or insure, but didn’t flag principal and insure to ask if I meant principle or ensure.  (And, no, that sentence is not an example of clear writing.)

I do like that WordPress flags wrong word usage.  It makes me want to paste other things I’ve written into a blog form just to check them over.

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