Moments of potential

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It’s hard to know when you’re actually in one of those moments that can change the direction of your life.  Sometimes you think you’re in one of those moments, but usually you’re wrong.  Or at least I am.

I have a meeting today that has the potential to be important.  But maybe it won’t be at all.  Or maybe it’ll serve to prolong something that should just be put out of its misery at this point.  Or it’ll signal a whole new chapter in that continuing saga with a hopefully (yeah, whatever Strunk & White) new twist.

Maybe I can somehow manage to just cut away the bad parts and keep the good.  Haha.  That’s not really how life works.

Can you imagine?  As a writer – you get to do only the parts of writing that you love and you don’t have to do the parts that suck?  Anyone want to take my finished stories and query them for me?  Anyone?  Anyone?

Yeah, no.

Alright, you’ve listened to me ramble, I should give you something useful.  (Which reminds me of someone I used to work with who used to say, “Want a cookie?”  He was being a smartass, but for about two months I took him literally and would say, “Yeah, sure” and then not understand why he didn’t give me a cookie.)

Without further ado:

Steven R. Stewart on The #1 Rule of Everything (courtesy of SFWA’s website)

“I had allowed my expectations, the rules I had heard, my fears, all of it to creep in and soil my resolve. In short, I had should my own pants.”

Love that.

(I felt like I should expand my linking repertoire, so I skipped over a few of the usual suspects I might normally link to and listed this one instead.  Of course, note to self – when you link to other sites sometimes people see that and follow it back to your blog, so perhaps you shouldn’t link to other blogs when you’re writing a pointless, vague post that lacks real substance.  Hmmm.)

(And sorry the picture is slightly crooked.  I didn’t take this one.  And the auto adjust made it even more crooked.  So.)

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