The lazy person’s guide to blogging

When stressed and too busy to write a long drawn-out post, you can do two things:

Post a pretty picture (which I would’ve done if I could’ve gotten the new photo upload to work for me, but it didn’t.  Sorry.)

Or, link to a post by someone with more wit and dedication than you:

Chuck Wendig on Here’s How You Flush Your NaNoWriMo Efforts Down the Crapper

The post is not really about flushing your NaNo novel down the toilette.  It’s about getting past the fact that you did it for NaNo and instead treating it like a real, bona fide novel that you just happened to start in November and now need to keep working on.

Hmm.  Maybe they should follow NaNo with Edit Your Novel Month in January?  EdYoNoMo?  Oooh.  Maybe Revise Your Novel Month?  RevYoNoMo?

(I swear.  I went to a school that did that crap to every word they could find and I am awful at it.  Perhaps they give freshman some sort of hypnosis that I missed out on by being a transfer student?)

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