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Sometimes you just have to do

I’ve been pretty slow on the blogging front lately.  Partially because life was annoying me and I didn’t need to share that negativity.  But partially because I think I’m at the point with my writing where it’s time to just … Continue reading

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Random Decisions We Make

Since my life plans for the next couple of years were derailed recently, I had to decide something new to do.  The only thing off the table was returning to the foreign country I wanted to live in because I … Continue reading

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Say the world is your oyster

Say you’re at a point where you don’t have a mortgage hanging over your head.  And you don’t have a 9-to-5 job demanding your attention.  And you don’t have kids or a significant other that require you to be dependable … Continue reading

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More commonly confused words

Dr. Doyle had a post that reminded me it was about time for me to update my list of “commonly” confused words.  (Perhaps they’re not all common words, but they are all words I’ve seen misused at least once in … Continue reading

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That whole gun debate…

I like to keep this blog politic and religion free.  Most people have their views and talking about those types of issues generally just leads to either preaching to people who think just like you and encourage you in one-dimensional thinking … Continue reading

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How well should you know your characters?

So, Patricia C. Wrede had a great post yesterday: Worksheets It’s about those lovely character worksheets that people use to know their characters.  Like you’re somehow incapable of writing about a character unless you know their favorite food and color.

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Be consistent (and some instructions on using find and replace in Word)

Time to get back to some writing-related posts.  (That is theoretically the reason I write this blog.)  But I’m going to ease my way into it with a post that is more generally applicable to anyone who writes anything anywhere … Continue reading

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Take care of your loved ones

This isn’t a writing post.  Just a reminder that sometimes when people are depressed they isolate themselves, so they aren’t necessarily going to come and seek you out and ask you to help them through a rough patch. When I … Continue reading

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I don’t like change

I logged in to WordPress today and things looked different.  My little dysfunctional way of getting to the new post screen was gone and the font sizes were different.  And I don’t know why.  I understand changing things that don’t … Continue reading

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Moments of potential

It’s hard to know when you’re actually in one of those moments that can change the direction of your life.  Sometimes you think you’re in one of those moments, but usually you’re wrong.  Or at least I am.

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