Grammar and Word Usage Round-Up

This is a consolidation post to get all the grammar/word usage/spelling links I’ve posted into one post and to consolidate my personal list of words I’ve seen misused or misspelled.

But I’ll give one bonus link to a new article on language change, too: No Logic in “Etymological”: A Response I Actually Sent by Kory Stamper  (A great one for anyone who holds a little too tightly to “correct” word usage.  Language is constantly evolving, whether we want it to or not.)

So, here are the links:

7 Commonly Corrected Grammar Errors (That Aren’t Mistakes) from

GRAMMAR: MZB’s pet peeves from Marion Zimmer Bradley’s website

Sequence of Tenses from the Purdue Online Writing Lab

Spelling Lessons from The Meta Picture (for this visual types)

Words That Are Often Confused from Laraine Anne Barker’s website

And here is my ongoing list of words that I’ve seen either misspelled or misused.

Typo Issues

– applies vs. apples
– are vs. area
– house vs. horse
– of vs. off
– tot vs. to

 Word Confusion

– alter vs. altar
– affect vs. effect
– ball vs. bawl
– birth vs. berth
– bizarre vs. bazaar
– board vs. bored
– born vs. borne
– brake vs. break
– breach vs. breech
– breath vs. breathe vs. breadth
– cannon vs. canon
– capital vs. capitol
– compliant vs. complaint
– cord vs. chord
– course vs. coarse
– dear vs. deer
– desert vs. dessert
– discreet vs. discrete
– dual vs. duel
– dyed vs. died
– faze vs. phase
– eke vs. eek
– elicit vs. illicit
– ensure vs. insure
– exercise vs. exorcise
– fair vs. fare
– forth vs. fourth
– grate vs. great
– heresy vs. hearsay
– heroin vs. heroine
– hoard vs. horde
– holy vs. holly
– horse vs. hoarse
– imminence vs. eminence
– initialed vs. initialized
– later vs. latter
– leek vs. leak
– lessen vs. lesson
– lest vs. least
– losses vs. loses vs. looses
– metal vs. medal vs. meddle
– nigh vs. neigh
– nosy vs. noisy
– not vs. naught vs. knot
– pails vs. pales
– peak vs. peek
– picture vs. pitcher
– pore vs. pour
– pray vs. prey
– precede vs. proceed
– principle vs. principal
– quite vs. quiet
– retch vs. wretch
– ridicules vs. ridiculous
– sheath vs. sheaf
– shutter vs. shudder
– site vs. cite vs. sight
– some vs. sum
– stationary vs. stationery
– symbol vs. cymbal
– throes vs. throws
– tick vs. tic
– vein vs. vane vs. vain
– versus vs. verses
– vial vs. vile
– waive vs. wave
– weak vs. week
– weather vs. whether
– wet vs. whet
– won vs. one
– wood vs. would
– write vs. right

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