Post 200!

Wow, that came around FAST!  Last night I was looking back through my old posts trying to figure out which ones I was going to put on a separate page for easy access and it turns out I’ve written A LOT.

So, before I blather on about that, I wanted to share the lovely news headline I saw the other day:

“An American was stabbed while he slept about 25 times.”

Methinks the guy wasn’t trying to sleep about 25 times while being stabbed.  Perhaps the American was stabbed about 25 times while he slept?  Word order does in fact matter.  (And this was a fairly reputable on-line news source.  Honestly, I expect better from people getting paid to do this.)

But I think this is a perfect example of “it made me laugh and that’s why I rejected it.”  If you put something like this in your query or the first few pages of a manuscript, it’d probably be an automatic rejection.

So, now that I’ve shared that…

I think in the next week or so all y’all are gonna have to bear with me while I update a couple of posts to consolidate information to put them on a separate page.  I want a consolidated version of the posts about writers with depression and a clean version of the latest spelling and word usage post.  (I also have a few new words to add to the list thanks to the Query Shark archives.)

In the meantime, I did create a separate page that consolidates a lot of the quotes I’ve used in the past 200 posts.  These are ones that were from my own personal quotes file, so not ones that were pulled from any blog posts that I shared.  (Unless they also made it on my personal list.)  I also threw in a few of the pictures I’ve used to break it up a bit.

I think I’ll also try to put up a page with some of the links I’ve posted here.  Unfortunately, I’ve used at least 114 links so far in the blog (those are the ones I actually managed to flag and save as having been used here), so I don’t want to post all of those.  Which means a little bit of filtering and thinking through which are best to post.  Which means that may not happen for a while.

It’s interesting to read through my old posts.  I found a few typos in there, which is annoying.  I may correct those as well.  So, if you have a setting that sends you an e-mail each time a post is updated you may want to turn that off.  I tend not to go back to old posts, so there’s really no point in having that setting (at least for this blog).

It’s also entertaining to read my old posts now that a little time has passed.  It’s kind of like hearing a voicemail message you’ve left someone.  You don’t realize that’s how you sound on the phone until you hear it.  And then you think, “Oh dear god, I’m never leaving another voicemail message again…”

Yeah, so, that’s the plan.  I still have about fifty more linked articles to share at some point, so I promise there will be new content soon.  Although I have a bit of work travel in the next few weeks, so you may not see me daily depending on how I feel about bringing my personal computer with me when I leave for the airport at 4:30 AM next week.  (Ugh.)

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M.H. Lee is a speculative fiction writer currently residing in Colorado whose stories are sometimes dark, sometimes funny, sometimes darkly funny, but hopefully always thought-provoking and entertaining.
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