There is no such thing as anonymity

I’ve mentioned before that I didn’t tell anyone in my “real life” about this blog.  Partially because I can’t see how anyone in my real life would find what I blog about here of interest.  (I, of course, fascinate every single person who knows me, but my struggles with writing issues, not so much.)  And partially because I wanted a place to work through my thoughts on writing free of the interpersonal relationships that I have in real life.

I wanted to mention my mom and not have to think about what she might think of that mention.  Or to discuss what my betas had said about my novel and not have to worry about whether that would affect our real world friendship.

And, as I’ve also already mentioned, there are a few people in my life who could probably find this blog if they wanted.  I wrote a short story that I sent to three of my betas that involved the author as a character.  So, any of those three just needs to google my pen name to find this blog.  (I kind of relied on their lack of interest in doing so…)

Also, a few friends know that I referred to centaur porn in my first post.  (Sadly, we tried to find my blog the first week it was up using the term “centaur porn” and failed to do so.  Not sure what that says about the world we live in…)

I always knew that at some point in time, if I kept blogging, that someone I knew would find this blog.  It was inevitable.  (Especially if I actually manage to someday publish a book that is interesting enough to attract enough interest to require me to talk to people about it.)

Well, that day has come.  I sent one of my betas my final query letter and forgot to remove the line where I mention that I have this blog.  (I figured I better include that in any query so an agent can know what they’re in for up front.  If they think I’m bat shit crazy for what I post, better to know it up front rather than let us both get our hopes up.  And if they like it, well, woohoo!)

So, anyway, on Friday or Saturday night, I had a new blog comment on one of my posts and when I read the comment I just knew it was one of my betas.  Easily confirmed by the user name and e-mail address.  It wasn’t a bad comment by any means.  But it was one of those “oops” moments.  (And you won’t see the comment on the blog.  I’m a control freak at heart and having someone who knows me IRL able to comment on my blog without pre-screening is a no go for me at this point in time.)

(Minor sidenote: It’s really hard to write a blog post while sitting at the breakfast table with other people who want to talk to you.  Or who don’t even want to talk to you, but just want to talk out loud to the air…but I digress.)

I e-mailed the beta in question and warned them that they may not want to read this blog.  I don’t think I’ve said anything too terrible, but there is that whole issue of trying to graciously accept all criticism your betas provide and having to stay true to your writing vision and I have wrestled through some of that here on the blog.

Well, it is what it is.  And it just reiterates the point that there really is no such thing as anonymity.  Well, or that if you want to keep a secret you really can’t tell anyone about it ever.  So, just a reminder to any of my fellow bloggers…

And with that I am off for a four-hour mountain drive.  Expect pictures at some point…the leaves are changing and I’m sure it’ll be stunning.

About M. H. Lee

M.H. Lee is a speculative fiction writer currently residing in Colorado whose stories are sometimes dark, sometimes funny, sometimes darkly funny, but hopefully always thought-provoking and entertaining.
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