A fairly useless post

Just what you wanted.  (At least I’m honest about it.)

I’ve been tied up doing a garage sale all weekend, so don’t have any particular writing topic I wanted to write about today.  I figured I’d include a few random thoughts instead.

First, if you’re ever running out of ideas or feel like you aren’t being exposed to enough of a variety of humanity, hold a garage sale.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get too many people through, but the people we did get through were all very interesting and willing to talk as they shopped.  It reminded me what a range of people exist in this world.  (Working from home it’s easy to forget.)  And that was just people within 150 miles of where I am right now.  The world is SO diverse.

Second, I always find it entertaining to read the search results that bring people to my posts.  Sometimes I almost want to write a post for those people to help them find what they were actually looking for.  (Generally, not me or my posts.)  Like the one that wanted to know how to learn to read as an adult, which I found really intriguing since they were using a web search to find those resources.

Third, I thought I’d just randomly share that my iTunes library is now 32 GB with 5,273 “items.”  This includes language CDs for Croatian, Thai, Icelandic, and French; music in English, Spanish, Greek, and Icelandic; opera, classical, country, alternative, classic rock, hip hop, pop, jazz, reggaeton, and who knows what else.  Basically, if I can’t find at least one song that someone would be willing to listen to in my music library (and the person actually listens to music and not NPR), I would be shocked.

(And you can see that when I travel I tend to try to learn the language where I’m going and pick up some music while I’m there.  Sometimes it sticks.  I’m a big fan of reggaeton, which I found when I was in Puerto Rico.  Sometimes not so much.)

See the lizard?

Well, it’s the first of October here.  Here’s hoping all the little things that have been jammed up for the past few months start to break free.  I think they are.  I kind of feel it in the air, but only time will tell.  (And I don’t want to jinx it…)

And, in honor of Puerto Rico, here are a few photos from there.

I swear this is really from Puerto Rico and not New Zealand.

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